Upcoming Events


The Graduate Student Society is fielding teams of graduate students in the BYU intramural competitions.  


We still need more women to play on our teams!


Show your school spirit and get to know other graduate students by signing up.  Just email your netID and availability to byugss@byu.edu.

Women's Basketball - Spaces Available

Date Day Time ​Location
January 31 Saturday 10:15 AM ​138 Richards Building
February 11 Wednesday 8:15 PM ​West Smith Fieldhouse
February 20 Friday 7:15 PM ​134 Richards Building
March 4 Wednesday 8:15 PM​ ​​156 Richards Building

Men's Basketball

Date Day Time ​​Location
January 30 Friday 5:15 PM ​144 Richards Building
February 7 Saturday 12:15 PM ​146 Richards Building
February 18 Wednesday 8:15 PM ​Center Smith Fieldhouse
February 27 Friday 6:15 PM ​134 Richards Building

Coed Innertube Water Polo

Date Day Time ​Location
February 4 Wednesday 9:00 PM ​Dive Tank
February 17 Tuesday 9:00 PM ​Lap Pool North
February 25 Wednesday 9:00 PM ​Lap Pool North

11v11 Coed Soccer - Need More Women to Play

Date Day Time Location
February 28 Saturday 9:15 AM RB Turf Field
March 7 Saturday 12:00 PM RB Turf Field
March 18 Wednesday 6:15 AM RB Turf Field
March 25 Wednesday 8:05 PM RB Turf Field

GSS Christmas Social